Tideal is a community-led and data-inspired climate action platform

We are building a movement where masses of people can together turn their lifestyles into more climate-friendly ones.

Our platform makes the carbon footprint of our everyday actions and lifestyle changes visible, offers communal support in permanent change, and turns changemakers into heroes. We want sustainable way of living to become the most desired way of living.


Choose a challenge

We’ve calculated the carbon footprint of some everyday habits and lifestyle choices, and how much you could reduce your footprint if you change your ways!

We’re bringing more challenges live as we go, with the ultimate goal of covering the full spectrum of human activity.


Join a group

A bunch of people who come together to tackle a challenge and change their habits is called a group. When you join a group, we estimate your current carbon footprint related to that challenge and ask you to set a goal for reducing it.

All challenges have several groups hatching at a given moment. A group is founded and led by its captain, and it can be open, private, or hidden. You can become a captain too!


Change your ways

The group’s change period lasts for four weeks. During that time, everyone in the group aims to hit the reduction goal they’ve set up for themselves. We will help you by sending friendly reminders to stick to your new habit and show you how you’re doing!

Though the active change period in the group lasts for only four weeks, the aim is to change your habits permanently for the better.


See the effects

When you and the group start changing your habits and lifestyle choices for the better, we’ll show the effect that this has in terms of the reduction in greenhouse gases emitted to the atmosphere.

We use the commonly used unit of a carbon dioxide equivalent, or CO2e, to measure the reduction you’ve achieved.

Thanks for signing up!

We will make sure to let you know as we start accepting people into our closed beta. Enjoy the summer and take care of the planet.