Climate smart living for people who care.

Tideal is a community led and data-inspired climate action platform. It's built on lifestyle change challenges which help you and your friends turn the way you live into more climate-friendly.

Cut your impact on the climate, together with friends.


Challenges are themed around bite-sized sections of human activity. They are based on solid data: for every challenge, we've researched the carbon footprints of the most common individual choices.


Anyone can set up a new challenge group and invite friends and family to join it. When you join a group, we ask you a couple of questions, calculate your current footprint, and set up a reduction goal for you.


What happens as the group starts changing their habits for the better is impact! We show this impact on the individual, group, and platform levels in terms of reduction to the green house gases emitted.

Lifestyle challenges from all areas of life - well, from two to start off with.

Old habits die hard. For most of us, the most likely successful path to changing our lives to be less taxing for the climate is to take it step by step, changing one thing at a time. That's why Tideal has challenges, designed to be taken one by one.

We are launching with just a few challenges, but aim to deliver you more of them in the future. What would you like to see on our challenge list? Drop us a line:

Tideal is better with friends - and impact is bigger in groups.

Tideal challenges are tackled in groups. Cheer on each other's successes, share practical tips on how you're changing your behaviour, or even compete a little and see who can achieve the smallest footprint. Together, your impact will be bigger.

If you set up a new group and become its captain, you decide if the group is by invitation only (good for friends, family, and inside jokes) or open to anyone.

Made for everyone, tailored for schools and companies.

For you

Join an existing group, or set up your own and invite friends and family into it.

Achieve bigger emissions reduction together.

Always free, no ads, no gimmicks.

For education

By-invitation-only groups to the students and staff of your school.

See school-level impact.

Climate education on a consumer grade app (like your students expect).

Help students develop climate literacy in a safe online environment.

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For companies

By-invitation-only groups to the employees of your company.

See company-level impact.

Reduce the carbon footprint of everyday company life.

Demonstrate your company's commitment to sustainability.

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